ClicPatientTM is a tool for me and my health care professional. This free toolwill allowdetermine my current level of health and help me to help me reach an optimal level of health.

In this social-health crisis, it is time for the patient to become atrue informed patient-partner.We can reduce the risk of getting the virus, but we We can reduce the risk of getting the virus, but we can't control the severity of the symptoms if we become infected. So the best way to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death is to make sure we have a complete vaccination and a healthy body so that it can healthy so that it can better defend itself.

By registering in the ClicPatientTM, my health care provider and i will be informed of my medical vulnerability. It may also help the medical profession, public health, government and other relevant organizations to understand the state of health of the population in Quebec, beyond COVID.

All enrolled patients will be able to access their clinical summary validated by their health care provider.

The health data collected will be aggregated to produce reports on the health status of the population enrolled in ClicPatientTM. Since the information shared with different organizations is based on strictly anonymous and aggregated data and not on patient-specific information, this data will not identify you nor will it be associated with you in any way;

It is important to note that when filling out the forms, it is you may realize that your health condition is not as well controlled as you thought.

If this is the case, it's really important to make an appointment (in teleconsultation or in person) so that your health care provider can analyze your health condition and propose a treatment plan therapeutic plan tailored to your medical situation.

Congratulations on your decision to become an informed patient-partner!

TOGETHER TOGETHER for tomorrow's health.

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